Content Archives


key benefits:

  • Eliminate costly and aging tape.

  • Cure the problem of lack of metadata that is available for content that has been sitting on shelves for years.

  • Improve operational efficiency by creating automated tags for both new and archival content.

  • Get instant access to content and reduce time searching for relevant clips.

  • Breathe new life into archival material and greater ability to monetize a library across all channels available.

Many existing archives are finding that they cannot access all the material as the associated metadata is not good enough. Many content owners want to exploit their black catalog clips and content but cannot for the same reason. GrayMeta can help unlock these content jewels through improved metadata helping the 'search & find' workflows.

Especially with more and more archives looking to digitize their content, the importance of good metadata and content discovery becomes increasingly more important. 

Moving away from tape is a tough proposition for many content holders. It's tried and true and safe. GrayMeta takes the risk out of transitioning your archive from tape to digital. GrayMeta’s SAMMA product will digitize your tape to the codec of your choice leveraging industry standard transcoders. Archives can then use GrayMeta’s Iris Media Platform to ensure the quality of the newly encoded master. Finally, use GrayMeta’s Enterprise Curio to leverage AI/ML services to provide enhanced information about the content to facilitate monetization and distribution workflows.


Through the power of machine learning, technical metadata and the GrayMeta powerful search index, dark content is a thing of the past. By connecting to your content and running various machine learning and artificial intelligence services, you will be able to discover content you never knew you had. 


TV & Film Archives

As more content becomes available and the clip sales market has become more competitive it is vital for both existing archives and those entering the sector to be able to fully curate and monetize the material they have. Through its machine learning tools and services, GrayMeta can help ensure that the full value of a collection is realized.

noun_football goal_1714534.png

Sports Archives

More than any other type of content, it is imperative to be able to locate specific moments in a sports archive - these might be goals, holes in one, yellow cards or aces. GrayMeta can help federations and archives accurately tag, surface and monetize this content.


Government & Cultural Archives

Many such bodies and organizations are sitting on real 'one of a kind' content jewels which can only be realized through expert curation. Using machine learning tools and services, GrayMeta can work with government and cultural institutions to fully realize the value of a content collection.

See how GrayMeta’s Enterprise Curio helped VideoFashion realize the true value of their archive and is being used to create new documentaries:

instead of 3 hours of reviewing a video history its under 30 mins for our team
— Heidi Quicksilver Rock and Roll Hall of Fame