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Our Core Values

Our core values provide a framework for leadership and describe GrayMeta is all about.
They direct our decisions, sharpen our focus, and inspire our culture.


GrayMeta trusts its employees to bring their A-game to work and to manage their day-to-day workload. We offer a lot of flexibility on time off, working hours, and location, allowing you to define their own work-life balance. When we treat our teams with trust, we get the same trust in return.  We say what we mean, and mean what we say. We honor our commitments, treat everyone equally, and promote honest communications.


We value collaboration and encourage employees to engage in constructive dialogue. At GrayMeta, your opinion will be heard and valued by your team. The value of collaboration lies within the diverse perspectives that each team member brings.


Our leadership team is approachable and open to speaking to anyone in the company. We publish regular employee newsletters and hold company-wide updates on a regular cadence to allow all team members to stay current on where the company is headed.


We love to brainstorm new features, dream up big ideas, create original approaches—because continuous innovation is at the forefront of our product. This mindset keeps us at the forefront of technology and allows everyone at GrayMeta to innovate.

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