• Reduce human error

  • Automate current and new compliance workflows

  • Evolve and scale a resilient modern cloud infrastructure

  • Reduce legal exposure due to inappropriate or contentious content being aired on your platform and big increases in operational efficiency


Broadcasters and production houses are constantly receiving and generating content, which needs to apply to different compliance standards.


To ensure that content meets those standards, or during the editing / localization process, companies often must manually check each piece of content, to ensure they successfully flag all potential issues.

Although this task is incredibly important, it is very time and labor intensive.


  • Using GrayMeta’s Curio Enterprise Platform, create an easy-to-find summary for each asset to give an immediate overview of any issues within a file or full program

  • Quickly go into an asset and find those key moments

  • Automatically generate relevant and useful metadata - covering a range of use cases - using Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence

  • Deliver accurate and helpful insights against regulatory related compliance issues using various types of metadata such as OCR and Speech to Text in conjunction with sound detection

GrayMeta Curio application providing time saving insights for compliance workflows by leveraging a range of ML and AI services to create metadata about what is in the content vs what is the content

Create valuable and accurate metadata to help save time and develop efficiencies across key compliance workflows and tasks

Where GrayMeta can help:

noun_Nude Beach_8130.png


Detect compliance issues in content, like moments that include nudity, sex, violence, gore and profanity.



Use preset language filters for the FCC, Ofcom and in-flight entertainment, or create custom lists of keywords.


Contract Compliance

Simplify rights-out, rights-in processes to provide clarity with contract insights related to the rights string, duration, region and languages.


Brands, Sensitive Data

Find logos, phone numbers, email addresses and web addresses that need to be removed.

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Sounds & Noises

Identify key moments in the audio, including music, narration, applause , call to prayer and other sounds.

Using the GrayMeta AI & ML Metadata Platform, we reduced the amount of footage our human curators needed to review by over a third, accelerating our media supply chain and getting content to our audiences faster than ever.
— Dave Mace, Digital and Cloud Services, OSN

As part of our compliance solution many of our customer leverage Adobe Premiere and the GrayMeta Plugin to drive more time and effort savings.

Learn more about the GrayMeta Integration with Adobe Creative Cloud