Curio Enterprise

Add unimaginable value across the enterprise through the connection of all your digital content. Leveraging GrayMeta Machine Learning as well as best-in-breed cognitive services, Curio Enterprise provides the tools needed to redefine processes, monetize archived content, and gain actionable insights using rich metadata.


Capture the power of machine learning

 Discover technical metadata that makes your content richer than ever.


Get metadata from any type of file — across all file systems, databases and data feeds.


Create new metadata automatically and find nearly anything in your digital media assets.


Curate and edit your index of machine-generated descriptions, tags, people and faces.

Your content, your rules, all in one spot

Regardless of file naming conventions or folders, Curio enables users to find any file based on its attributes.

Spend less time managing files

Create a single source to find any asset, regardless of file type, size or location by connecting cloud storage or directly uploading files to Curio storage.  

Discover new opportunities to utilize content

Increase the ROI of archived content through the discovery of attributes such as people and known graphics.


Redefine and streamline existing workflows

Let Curio do the heavy lifting with automatic asset tagging, speech-to-text transcription, visual text (OCR) extraction and more.

At a glance view of what you have

Quickly get an overview of all your digital assets, including duplicate files, locations, extensions, file types and more.

Spend less time looking for specific terms

Create your own list of keywords that quickly highlight terms within content using speech-to-text, subtitles and visual text (OCR).


Create incredible content faster, with Curio for Adobe Creative Cloud

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AI for all industries

Leveraging the power of AI, Curio provides the insights needed to solve a variety of problems found across a variety of industries.

Learn more about the value and benefit our customers are getting by using Curio to streamline, redesign and create more efficient workflows that leverage the power of AI and machine learning.