Iris 4K / HDR

True 4K / HDR playback and review

Leverage the power of a full quality control solution with just the right playback features needed by media professionals. The Iris 4K / HDR allows you to play standard and professional media files including 4K / HDR and provides you with the right technical information to evaluate the content. Download a free trial to experience Iris 4K/HDR.

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Player Controls

Playlists – Build a list of any media type including 4K HDP or DCP and apply mark in/out, scaling and volume settings to each file.

HDR simulation – Conversion displays what the content would look like on a HDR monitor without an HDR monitor!

Horizontal Progress and Seek Bar – Play head indicates the current position of the playback and allows the user to randomly seek to any position of the video.

Time Display – Change display to ‘tape time code, control time code, time position, frame.

Search and Jump to the desired play position.

View Status – A clear panel displays CPU load, media format, bit rate, errors, SDI status and more.

Audio Control – Includes level adjustments and mute and un-mute.


Robust Tools – Such as the “Digital Grease Pencil” on-image markup allows user to annotate a video frame with objects such as rectangles, ellipses, lines, arrows and text, list box, and styles from the respective drop down list boxes.

Captions and Subtitles

Captions and subtitle viewers with location grid and safe area overlays whether to extract ‘live’ captions in real time from the video source file as well as to ‘pre-process’ the files prior to playback so that the dialogue appears in the Caption Viewer.

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