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  • Display of HDR specific light and percentage levels.
  • Support for Dolby Audio Decoding – Decoding of Dolby ATMOS audio objects.
  • HDR10 PC HDMI Switching – User can now use HDMI from a PC to signalize HDR metadata to a supported HDR panel for proper Tone Mapping.
  • AJA Kona 4 HDMI for HDR Switching – User can now use HDMI to switch an HDR supported panel with HDR metadata for proper Tone Mapping.
  • Extended support of HDMI HDR switching/signalization to Blackmagic and BlueFish SDI cards available soon.
  • Dolby Vision – Verify and QC Dolby IMF packages with Dolby Metadata.
  • HDR Histograms – Overlay of Histograms displaying reference white and reference black with NIT levels in active picture.
  • HDR PQ emulation now using metadata values – PQ emulation now uses Mastering Display Luminance Maximum to adjust S-curve for improved picture quality.
  • Support for HLG (Hybrid Log Gamma) Emulation.



  • File formats – Support for most mastering, broadcast and distribution formats and frame sequences including JPEG 2000, uncompressed, ProRes, DNxHD, XDCAM, IMX D10, DV, DVCPRO, AVC-Intra, MPEG2, MPEG4/H264, XAVC, HEVC/H265, Windows Media and more. View a full list here.
  • IMSC1 Subs Brightness for support of HDR IMF packages.
  • Asset metadata templates – Provide instantaneous comparison of incoming file metadata to a preset.
  • Projects – Group media and files of any type int projects, then share them with collaborators.
  • Live frame-based annotations “Digital Grease Pencil” –  Draw shapes, arrows and text on any frame of any video.
  • Playlists – Build a list of any media type, and apply mark in/out, scaling and volume settings to each file.
  • Tools
    • Captions and subtitle viewer(s)
    • Professional grade video scaler
    • File-based waveform monitor and vectorscope
    • Spectrascope™ for color gamut visualization
    • 64 x 16 channel Audio routing
    • 16 channel audio level meter
    • Audio waveform timeline
    • Audio phase meter

Iris QC Pro DHQC includes powerful QC tools

Delivered the way you want

Today’s professional media formats can strain even the most robust hardware configurations. Media professionals need a reliable solution for high quality critical viewing, dubbing media files to SDI recorders and more for even the most demanding media such as:

  • High compute-power formats like JPEG2000.
  • 10 and 12 bit frame sequences like DPX/TIFF/EXR.
  • High quality editing formats like DNx/ProRes/XAVC/AVC-Intra.
  • High performance compression formats like HEVC/H265.
  • Long-GOP formats like MPEG2 and Transport Stream.
  • Any format you need to see and hear perfectly, with sound and synchronized captions/subtitles even in FFW/REW/Slow.

GrayMeta’s Iris solution delivery has been flexibly designed to meet a wide range of IT configurations and organizational purchasing preferences. View hardware requirements here.

Contact our solutions consultants to discuss which is the best option for you.

Software & Hardware

  • Includes specially tuned hardware to meet the challenges of professional formats from HD up to 4K 60p.
  • Includes a perpetual GrayMeta Iris license.
  • Includes GrayMeta Iris Server Software.
Three configurations to choose from:
  • Iris HD: Tuned for SD/HD media.
  • Iris 2K: Tuned for 2K cinema master media including JPEG2000 and uncompressed frame sequences.
  • Iris 4K: Tuned for demanding master media including UHD up to 4K 60fps and 4K cinema JPEG2000 IMF and uncompressed frame sequences.

Software only

  • Recommended to installed on Windows versions 7, 8 or 10 or virtual machines for Apple or UNIX users.
  • 64-bit version of Windows recommended.
Three ways to install GrayMeta Iris:
  • Try it free for 30-days
  • Annual license model
  • Perpetual license model

Annual and perpetual licenses also come with a Free private Iris Cloud Service Server option to allow greater collaboration among teams working on the same project.

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