Simplify content delivery with the complete professional QC solution

Whether you’re validating a DCP, TIF, ProRes, JPEG2000, IMF, or other professional formats – Iris QC Pro provides all the advanced audio, visual and project tools you’ll need to successfully deliver content that meets in-house and client requirements. As the one-stop-shop for many of today’s biggest broadcasters, studios and post houses, Iris QC Pro empowers operators and engineers to QC with confidence and efficiency.

Iris QC Pro is equipped with:

  • A vectorscope, spectroscope and waveforms monitor to help you understand your color value, color space and where you’re clipping color

  • Audio phase meter and audio waveforms to simplify audio checks

  • Loudness monitor for easy CALM Act compliance

  • Multiple caption file support to validate multiple languages at once

  • QC report generator to support discussions about content issues