Leverage Iris for IMF


The professional media ecosystem is complex and the industry is faced with new challenges with respect to the evolution to file-based workflows. Media professionals are challenged with supporting a vast number of different media formats to support various editorial or localized versions of content across numerous different distribution channels.

The Interoperable Master Format (IMF) is a standardized international file-based data interchange structure for packaging distribution quality audio and visual content. IMF is built around a core framework that includes essence containers, audio and timed text essence formats, descriptive metadata, playlists, delivery logic and more. It’s estimated that IMF will result in 95% commonality in editorial and technical versions for repurposing to different distribution channels while minimizing redundancy and storage requirements.

How Iris can help with IMF workflow:

  • Iris can play IMF packages on a traditional windows based computer!

  • Iris automatically checks packaged IMF XML files to confirm development is in accordance with the rules

  • Iris remembers what’s been previously checked when new versions and languages are finished

What this means for you:

  • Minimizes additional investment in expensive IMF video editing equipment to view the final packages

  • Saves time in quality control review when new files are completed

  • Reduces storage by avoiding redundancy