Marketing & Engagement


key benefits:

  • Use machine learning to generate content insights to increase consumer engagement.

  • Create differentiated storytelling experiences.

  • Help drive increased advertising revenues through time & moment specific content insights which, in turn, can help greater understanding of audience needs.

  • Create deeper audience understanding by combining time specific content insights with other data sets.

Consumers are looking for more personalized interaction and experience with brands or with their overall viewing experience.

Media companies are always looking for ways to differentiate and improve their viewing experiences and deepen their understanding of audience behavior. We can help generate content insights using machine learning which can be used to increase and improve consumer engagement. GrayMeta has pioneered innovation, working closely with our customers creating new digital experiences - for example, working with Sky News with their coverage of the Royal Wedding.


GrayMeta AI Studio enables easier training of faces and people for your content

“Sky News engaged with GrayMeta to bring our vision for the Royal Wedding Who’s Who to life. We didn’t know whether what we wanted was possible, and we didn’t know whether we could do it in the time available to us. GrayMeta not only put together a technical solution, they also fully embraced the tight timelines and shifting requirements to hit our deadlines. Their commitment ensured our success on the day.”
— Hugh Westbrook, Sky News

GrayMeta Curio Enterprise provides a simple set of tools for training custom faces with AI Studio. Customers can source and upload training images of local talent. AI Studio will verify that the training images meet the requirements such as not having more than one face into the picture. Then they will be automatically resized and cropped. Customers can name the person and create a face training model.

Images based on those faces of the person and the grouping of like faces will be in the search results. This can be done before there is even any video or images of that person in the platform.

AI Studio.png