GrayMeta™ Demonstrates Metadata Solutions at NAB 2016


Launches New Technologies to Solve Big Data and Metadata Challenges with Unparalleled Accuracy for Media and Entertainment Markets and More

AGOURA HILLS, April 13, 2016 – NAB 2016 – GrayMeta, a leading provider of metadata solutions that brings tremendous value to your assets, is unveiling today new technologies tailored to help media, entertainment and broadcast companies tackle big data and metadata challenges to save time and money. The company will demonstrate its new metadata technologies and products at the NAB 2016 in Las Vegas, April 18-21 at Booth SL5329 (South Hall, Lower).

“The big data and metadata breakthroughs we are demonstrating at NAB are helping our customers save money by extracting value out of their content and enabling them to take control of their vast content, said Aaron Edell, vice president of product and operations for GrayMeta. “GrayMeta’s Emmyaward winning technologists and engineers represent a new way of thinking about extracting metadata across media and broadcast industries. Our solution can extract every piece of data and metadata, embedded or otherwise, from every file and every database.”

Today’s news from GrayMeta includes:

MetaFarm™: MetaFarm is a powerful Metadata Management platform that brings tremendous value to your assets. The new features include node-based scaling, automated file relationship building (a.k.a find related files), speech to text magnet, advanced search filters, object store integration and user/groups/roles permissions management.

Iris™ 2.1 Server: Iris 2.1 Server integrates with MetaFarm to provide a single interface for searching and creating both human-entered metadata and machine-generated metadata. Working together, Iris 2.1 Server can be integrated with MetaFarm to enable search and direct access to content from within the Iris 2.1 Client interface. Any annotations or messages created by any user in the environment gets married to the asset as metadata within MetaFarm. Take advantage of the confluence of humanentered metadata and machine-generated metadata from a single interface. Together, they can extract metadata from every known file format, including over 900 media file formats.

Iris 2.1 Client: Iris 2.1 Client features the Spectrascope for the first time; fully visualize every pixel of video on a color gamut graph with profiles for the most common color space specifications including HDR Rec2020, immediately identifying illegal pixels.


  • Provide instant insight into every file system and storage system, delivering key metrics about duplicates, locations and context around assets.

  • Empower media asset management systems, digital asset management systems, powerful apps centered around analysis and search, and break down silos and save businesses money on efficiencies and cost.

  • Search across every file system and database in your environment from a single place, by file name and any aspect of the content.

  • Quickly incorporate new technologies for content mining, computer vision, analysis and more via the magnet architecture.

  • Build powerful apps, products and solutions quickly, with the world-class API.

  • Preserve your file systems, files, metadata and environments before data is lost forever.

Every media company or organization owns an ever-growing collection of file-based content. What most people don’t realize is that embedded in every file is a trove of metadata that can be descriptive and relevant, but when combined with metadata from other content in the collection, can become an incredibly valuable source of otherwise unknown or hidden information. Today’s media workflows have no way of preserving and making use of this information in a systemic way, which can result in a partial or total loss of valuable data. As such, it is vitality important that any organization with filebased media content begin to implement a holistic metadata harvesting and preservation solution that can accommodate any existing or future use case.

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About GrayMeta

GrayMeta is a breakthrough big data company that powers automated metadata collection and represents a new way of thinking about extracting metadata across the enterprise. GrayMeta’s innovative metadata solutions, powered by MetaFarm, offer the freedom to extract, store, update and add intelligence to metadata—to be more searchable across more applications, turning your information into valuable data.