GrayMeta™ Expands Iris to Meet the Needs of Media Professionals


AGOURA HILLS, California, Jan. 25, 2017 GrayMeta Iris 2016 – GrayMeta, a leading provider of metadata solutions that brings tremendous value to company assets, today announced the launch of Iris 4K/HDR, Iris IMF and Iris QC Pro software. The new suite of Iris solutions enables media professionals to quickly and accurately collaborate and deliver professional file content through the production lifecycle from asset acquisition, post-production, and on to approval and distribution.

Iris is the industry go-to standard in media reference players and quality control tools – used by the most demanding media professionals worldwide. Iris 4K/HDR delivers accurately and reliably without the complexity associated with high-end players.

As IMF takes hold in the industry, from content creation thru distribution, there is a need for people outside of QC suites to view and verify IMF packages. Iris IMF brings unprecedented accuracy and ease-of-use to the desktops of those working in the IMF environment.

Iris QC Pro now includes innovative tools, such as HDR emulation, which allows HDR content to be viewed without the use of an expensive HDR monitor and provides the necessary evaluation tools needed by professionals to deliver media across a wide range of specifications and distribution platforms.

Each version of Iris comes with tools that are tailored to meet the needs of media professionals at a price point far below the cost of using expensive edit suites or content creation suites for critical viewing of files. Available tools within Iris include vectorscopes, waveform monitors, audio routers, phase meters, metadata, live embedded captions, built-in test patterns, message boards, and collaboration tools that allow multiple Iris users to see the same video and make frame annotations, notes, and real-time messages for authorized users. Iris lets you customize your workflow by docking the features you use most to work more efficiently and collaborate across projects with multiple internal and external stakeholders – which can greatly improve processes and reduce cost.

“While GrayMeta Iris is already used to provide solutions to professionals in media companies around the world, we are excited to release this new suite of Iris solutions to address complex and ever-changing challenges through many levels of organizations and individual professionals in all areas from production through distribution,” said Tom Szabo, Chief Executive Officer at GrayMeta. “The feedback has been amazing and we look forward to the future of Iris growing further throughout the industry.”

About GrayMeta

GrayMeta is a forward-thinking data company that powers automated metadata collection and represents a new way of thinking about extracting metadata across the enterprise. The GrayMeta Platform offers the freedom to extract, store, update and add intelligence to metadata which expands searchability across more applications, turning information into valuable data.