GrayMeta Releases Iris 6.0 with Major Enhancements


THOUSAND OAKS, California, April 24, 2018 – GrayMeta, the leading provider of professional media players and metadata solutions for content owners, today announced the release of the Iris 6.0 and DHQC for Iris QC Pro. Users of Iris QC Pro DHQC can ingest HDR packages, display metadata – empowering users with subjective and technical validation of HDR media. Playing out via HDMI with HDR metadata to a consumer set and switch it for a proper tone mapping –  done with a direct connection leveraging tunneling protocol to deliver 2086 metadata direct to set, via HDMI 2.0, without the need for embedders.

GrayMeta Iris is a studio-grade media player and quality control tool that can load multiple playlists and play all professional media file types, including 4K and IMF packages. Users can save time by instantly comparing file metadata to a stored metadata template with a robust set of audio and video analysis tools. And, the flexible architecture enables users to optimize the interface for any task or business workflow – letting users work the way they want.

Capabilities of DHQC for Iris QC Pro include:

  • Dolby Vision - Verify and QC Dolby IMF packages with Dolby Metadata

  • Support for Dolby Audio Decoding - Decoding of Dolby ATMOS audio objects

  • HDR Waveform enhancements - NIT Level readings in waveform including combined RGB views for PQ and HLG Light Levels

  • Subtitle luminance control - Users can now configure the light level of displayed subs for better viewing in HDR workflows

  • AJA Kona 4 HDMI for HDR Switching - Users can now use HDMI to switch an HDR supported panel with HDR metadata for proper Tone Mapping

  • HDR PQ emulation now using metadata values - PQ emulation now uses Mastering Display Luminance Maximum to adjust S-curve for improved picture quality

  • Environmental Profiles - Users can now save profiles that include all configurations within Iris. This includes all audio configurations, mixes, routing, and template information for recall or duplication of QC bay environments

  • Coming Soon - Extended support for HDR switching/signalization to Blackmagic and BlueFish SDI cards

At the same time, GrayMeta is releasing Iris 6.0, which will include configurable channel layouts for audio loudness measurements and support for audio loudness measurements on input data pre-mixing and routing.


Information about how to get Iris 6.0 or Iris QC Pro DHQC is now available here.