TransMedia Dynamics & GrayMeta – The Next Generation of Metadata Enabled Workflows


GrayMeta, the leading provider of professional media players and metadata solutions for content owners and creators, is strengthening its partnership with TransMedia Dynamics (TMD), a global leader of design and implementation of media and collection management solutions. TMD is further integrating metadata created by the GrayMeta Platform and is utilizing GrayMeta’s award-winning professional media QA/QC software, Iris Media Solutions – to provide customers with solutions which automate processes and create efficiencies throughout media lifecycles.

TMD’s media asset management (MAM) platform MediaFlex-UMS, a powerful content supply chain management system, provides users the ability to manage the entire lifecycle of both digital and physical content, all from a single system. Mediaflex-UMS orchestrates the end-to-end journey to bring multiple content processing functions and tasks together. As customers ingest content into the system, the GrayMeta Platform extracts and creates metadata leveraging the power of artificial intelligence and machine learning. The process analyzes almost any type of file to identify and extract people, logos, objects, locations, OCR, adult content, speech-to-text and captions.

The newly created metadata enables customers to discover and process content within their content supply chain with more efficiency and accuracy. Once content is identified for use, users can view, inspect and verify it using GrayMeta Iris, ensuring that all technical requirements are met. Additionally, with GrayMeta’s QC/QA solution Iris, tightly integrated into Mediaflex-UMS, users can quickly and accurately collaborate and deliver all forms of professional file-based content with accurate quality control.

“We have always been focused on using the power of metadata to drive efficiencies in our clients content supply chains,” said Tony Taylor, Founder & Executive Chairman of TMD. “Organizations used to be technology led but with the recent accelerated shift towards AI, machine learning and automated processes, technology is now enabling them to make faster, smarter decisions. We are focused on providing our customers the ability to automate workflows using technology, which is what makes our partnership so exciting. Together we will be able to provide customers with new and innovative ways to create efficiencies and monetize assets throughout the media supply chain.”