UI Centric and GrayMeta Team Up to Create Immersive App Experiences


THOUSAND OAKS, California, April 2, 2018 – GrayMeta, the leading provider of professional media players and metadata solutions for content owners, today announced their strategic alliance with UI Centric, a creative engineering company who produces ultra-high-quality multi-platform user experiences. Together, the two companies plan to create rich in-app user experiences by utilizing the enhanced metadata created by the GrayMeta Platform.

The UI Centric team creates engaging, world-class app experiences and has a top-tier client list in media, entertainment and sports. With a special focus on user experiences, they develop apps across all major consumer platforms, enabling their clients to provide highly engaging content while scaling cost-effectively.

The GrayMeta Platform is an automatic metadata creation solution which utilizes best-of-breed artificial intelligence and machine learning to build rich insights about photography, video and audio. The platform automatically creates temporal metadata for digital assets which includes people, landmarks, logos, objects and emotions – all accessible via the GrayMeta API or web UI.

By leveraging the platform’s ability to automatically create rich metadata, UI Centric can now provide more immersive user experiences in their apps, particularly those developed for sports, news and live entertainment events. When consumers can easily find information in their app about celebrities, key events, or locations, overall app engagement increases – providing users with a better, more relevant experience. 

About GrayMeta

GrayMeta™ dramatically improves efficiencies by automating the creation of metadata with an innovative approach to extracting rich metadata from digital assets across the enterprise. The GrayMeta Platform offers the freedom to extract, create, curate and store intelligent metadata – making assets more searchable, across more applications and turning hidden data into actionable information. For more information about GrayMeta, please visit www.graymeta.com.

About UI Centric

UI Centric is a leading creative engineering company based in London, New York and San Antonio. They have worked with many of the world’s leading brands combining design, development and evidence-based user experience research to deliver applications and solutions that drive business through best-in-class UX. For more information please visit www.uicentric.com.