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Become a GrayMeta Partner

Capture the power of machine learning. Partner with GrayMeta to build software solutions that simplify enterprise storage and optimize workflows.

Why become a GrayMeta software partner?

One API. Unlimited possibilties.

Single API integration

Use the GrayMeta API for quick integration to technical and machine-generated metadata.

New Technologies

Integrate cognitive services and machine learning easily. Swap out services without changing your integration.

Robust Data

Tailor the newly created data to meet your customers’ needs better than ever.

Upgrade your architecture

Better efficiency

Provide efficient tools that dramatically improve workflows and cut costs.

Elastic scaling

Deliver AI-enabled solutions with ease, with a microservices architecture that scales elastically.

Constant improvement

Take advantage of machine learning that’s always improving and becoming more accurate.

Data migration
Make smart decisions about when and where to move data to make your storage more economical and efficient.
Simple RESTful interface

Use your simple setup for easy integration to power modern interactions.

Flexible deployment

Gain the freedom to deploy in the cloud, on the premises or a hybrid. We connect to everything.

Gain a partner in your success.

Targeted content

Upgrade your distribution with the ability to deliver targeted ads and more relevant content to the right audience at the right time.

Data analysis

Analyze and manage large data sets quickly. Gain new insights to capture emerging trends and business intelligence.

Competitive advantage

Keep up with your competitors and stand out in a fast-moving, crowded marketplace.

More value to customer

Make your application more valuable to your customers by taking advantage of evolving machine learning capabilities

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