The GrayMeta Platform combines powerful search, content analysis, and cognitive computing to create unimaginable value across silos.


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Metadata: Extract, Create and Curate

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Connect to dispersed and siloed data to enable easier migration, adoption of cloud services and scale.

Extract embedded metadata from any file type across all file systems, databases and data feeds.

Create new metadata leveraging the exponential growth of cognitive, machine learning and AI.

Find the value of all your assets quickly, easily and accurately with our easy-to-use interface.

Review, consume, share and take action to build business-wide efficiencies.

Search & Discovery Across Enterprise Data Silos
Leverage data / content across Linear, VOD and OTT within broadcaster’s multiple data locations and increase efficiencies across the enterprise while driving cost down.

Time & Cost Efficiencies
Bring efficiencies to the workplace, reducing the need for manual tagging and labeling of content and reducing the time to access the right data.

Sort, Organize & Access
Find and organize all assets/data across all departments to reduce the time and cost of your data migration.

Search for nearly anything in your digital media

Faces, People, Celebrity Detection, Sentiment, Nudity, Objects, Scenes, Places, Weather, Logos, Player Numbers, Hair Color, Skin Color, Known Places, Colors, Age, Animals and Gender.


GrayMeta Platform

GrayMeta Platform is a powerful framework to help you tackle big data and metadata problems to save time and money. It builds context and searchability from all your assets. GrayMeta Platform combines technical and embedded metadata from any file type across all file systems, with databases, data feeds, or the results from computer vision technologies such as speech-to-text, facial recognition, objects recognition and more.

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GrayMeta Platform can be provided to you as a service, or can be installed and configured on any cloud platform you currently use. GrayMeta Platform easily integrates with both cloud and on-premises environments. Our cloud based SaaS model includes:

  • Exclusive operation via an Opex model
  • Dynamically allocate and pay for resources based on need
  • Provide access to more stakeholders
  • Collocate valuable metadata


The GrayMeta Platform is designed to run on any Linux-based server environment (on-premises and in the cloud), scaling with the technology provided. The software can be configured to run on a single server, or across multiple high-performance parallel servers that you provide and control.

GrayMeta offers an appliance that delivers a pre-built, pre-configured server into any organization, delivering a highly optimized and performance-enhanced GrayMeta Platform experience.


GrayMeta offers the best-of-both-worlds by offing a hybrid solution of the GrayMeta Platform. Use powerful local hardware to harvest and process files while storing and maintaining the extracted metadata, running in a cloud environment. Scale the environment as you grow while minimizing risk.

Built-in tools for regulation and compliance

Compliance is easy with filters that search for regulated content in your assets.

Quickly detect nudity and explicit moments of visual content with the Adult Content filter. Streamline processes by easily downloading an SRT file of speech-to-text transcriptions and quickly find logos/OCR text by jumping to where they appear in the content.

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GrayMeta’s open API

Build powerful apps and integrate into asset management systems or other dashboards where metadata is currently missing. Build indexes and databases on the fly to solve taxonomy, nomenclature, and semantic needs without having to revisit the source of all the data and metadata. View our API docs here.

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