Production Solution


key benefits

  • Generate content insights using a range of different machine learning services

  • Automatically tag rushes and dailies

  • Take less time searching for the right clips

  • Improved content production and creation process

  • Integrated into Adobe Premiere


Content production takes a large amount of content understanding. From trying to organize and process raw content, to being able to find key moments across your content for highlights/sponsorship.


It can be hard to understand what you have where, and hours can be lost in search and discovery.

Curio Enterprise generates content insights through the utilization of automated Machine Learning services such as:

  • Facial Detection

  • Tags and Descriptions

  • Logo and Brand Recognition

  • OCR

  • Speech to Text

You can quickly surface not just key assets but key moments within that content.


Known graphics & logos


Speech to Text



Finding the specific time frame where your sponsor talks about your brand, or your interviewee discusses relevant content, or finding where an actor is in shot or spoken about; becomes simple and easy.

Through our integration with Adobe® Premiere®, you can now surface not just the content, but also the key moment within your edit timeline, bringing quicker and smoother production processes.