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Deliver more value to your customers and drive revenue
with industry leading media solutions from GrayMeta.

Why become an Iris Reseller?

 Gain access to resources, tools and information to help you grow
your business through a deeper relationship with GrayMeta.

Add Value

 Your customers look to you as a trusted advisor. GrayMeta can help you to drive value and meet their ongoing technology demands.

Grow Profitability

 Sell more, earn more. It’s easy to become a trusted media solution provider when you join our fast growing network of resellers.

Delight Customers

 Make collaboration easy and secure for customers. Replace their outdated and clumsy software and meet the needs of today’s media professionals.


Improved Efficiency

Provide efficient tools that dramatically improve workflows and decrease costs.

Competitive Advantage

Catch up with your competitors to differentiate yourself in a fast-moving and crowded marketplace.

Free Internal Use Licenses

Licenses for your sales force to demo GrayMeta Iris to help you drive new business.

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