SAMMA Tape to File to Cloud

Automatically and easily digitize your video assets from tape to file format using our Emmy award winning System for Automated Migration of Media Assets (SAMMA).

Our process, consisting of both hardware and software, allows you to automatically or semi-automatically migrate content from videotape to digital form, without the need for skilled operators.

Trusted by major archives all over the world including the Library of Congress and Getty Images. SAMMA clients include museums, institutions, national archives, service bureaus, governments, and media & entertainment companies around the world. SAMMA can scale for both large and small libraries, ensuring aging video content is digitized and archived for preservation, distribution and monetization.

SAMMA is the only automated or semi-automated process for content digitization and is the most efficient, cost-effective, and high-quality solution for content owners who want to digitize their videotape libraries for archival, distribution, or monetization purposes.

samma 1.png

SAMMA integrates with GrayMeta’s Iris Media Platform, allowing review and validation of newly digitized content before storage or distribution.

With the new Iris + Curio integration, review and validation is even more efficient. Users will be able to see the machine learning metadata generated by the GrayMeta Platform, saving them time when looking for blacks, slates, credits, etc.