Motion Picture Studio

As a major motion picture studio, I need to be able to correctly identify, within my massive collection of content across multiple storage tiers, cloud tiers and databases, assets and media to minimize expensive file movement and access.

Major motion picture studios use the GrayMeta Platform to preserve technical metadata about their file systems to account for gaps in common object store and archive solutions. GrayMeta Platform is used to provide instant insight into every file system and storage system, delivering key metrics about duplicates, locations, and context around assets. GrayMeta Platform is used to empower media asset management systems, digital asset management systems, powerful apps centered around analysis and search, and to break down silos and save businesses money on efficiencies and cost. By taking advantage of content mining technologies like speech-to-text and object recognition, GrayMeta Platform not only enhances search across all file systems, but also becomes the single, easy to use experience for all metadata for all assets company wide. GrayMeta Platform’s micro and cognitive services capture all the technical metadata from raw camera files on set, which enables post production to have instant access to the information they need.

icon-sportsSports Broadcaster

As a sports broadcaster, I need to tell compelling visual stories by finding and utilizing content I own amongst the endless archive of sports content without hiring labor to watch and tag every second of video.

Broadcaster use the GrayMeta Platform to find content they own that wasn’t tagged or organized properly, may be on forgotten storage systems or otherwise lost to the people who need it most. Its used to correlate files from disparate sources such as automatically linking subtitle files to their master content, or finding scripts for a given show, even if these files exist in different silos. Connectors are built to different databases where additional human entered metadata is stored such as rights, licenses, scripts, news aggregation and more to build a centralized data source where files and media content are automatically associated with relevant data and metadata.

icon-contentContent Owner

As a content owner in production and entertainment, I need to be able to know what exactly is on all my storage devices, including duplicates, before I authorize the purchase of more expensive storage.

icon-lawLaw Enforcement Agency

As a law enforcement agency, I need a platform that can glue together different visual analysis technologies such as facial recognition, speech-to-text, language detection, object recognition, text recognition and others into a single unified interface where the results of these algorithms are married to video files, case reports, and other pieces of evidence programatically.

Law Enforcement uses the GrayMeta Platform to automatically correlate body cam footage with dash cam footage, information from police reports, 911 calls, news items, cell phone footage, DMV records, criminal databases, and more to provide a single, centralized interface. They no longer have to search multiple interfaces for relevant information, or manually tag or associate data with other data. They can spend their time doing their job instead of data and digital content management. Since GrayMeta Platform is the centralized location for all evidence, assets, and data related to every incident, performing investigations, delivering evidence, and analyzing data becomes much more efficient. GrayMeta Platform glues content together by using mining technologies like facial recognition and license plate scanning, which when coupled with metadata from body cameras, police reports, and news footage, provides for a rich, next level, data-driven experience that gives officers powerful tools that they need to be safe, efficient, and accurate.

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