Tape to File to Cloud Solution


Key Benefits

  • Reduce tape to file migration cost by up to 90% using GrayMeta’s SAMMA - the global leader in videotape to digital file migration solutions.

  • Combination of semi-automated and fully-automated options means that the solution can be used by unskilled labor.

  • Tried and trusted by museums, institutions, national archives and service bureaus across the globe.

  • Scale video digitization using one to seven streams, whether your archive is small or large.

  • Safely migrate content with tape cleaning and preparation, analyzing tape quality during migration, with only one pass needed to generate multiple digitized file formats.

Irreplaceable Content is Being Lost

Content owners have over 60 years of valuable and historic moments captured on videotape, which lays in closets and back rooms all over the world, only to fade over time.


Videotape deterioration is inevitable and will happen after 10-25 years. There is still about a billion more videotapes in the world that are yet to be preserved. These tapes contain content that cannot be replaced.

Traditionally tape to file migration was slow, expensive, and lossy.


SAMMA is the only automated or semi-automated process for content digitization and is the most efficient, cost-effective, and high-quality solution for content owners who want to digitize their videotape libraries for archival, distribution, or monetization purposes.

The SAMMA solution consists of a number of different components:

  • Inspect, accession, bar-code, and catalogue tapes before archiving using SAMMAPrep.

  • Clean tapes prior to digitization using SAMMAClean

  • Encode in parallel with multiple simultaneous file output, combined with AV analysis, correction and reporting using SAMMASolo.

  • Choose fully automated migration using SAMMARobot.

  • Automatically detect the end of programming and stop the migration to save time and storage costs with SAMMAEye.

GrayMeta takes the risk out of transitioning your archive from tape to digital. GrayMeta’s SAMMA product will digitize your tape to the codec of your choice leveraging industry standard transcoders. Archives can then use GrayMeta’s Iris Media Platform to ensure the quality of the newly encoded master. Finally, use GrayMeta’s Enterprise Curio to leverage AI/ML services to provide enhanced information about the content to facilitate monetization and distribution workflows.