Iris enables media professionals to quickly and accurately collaborate and deliver ALL forms of professional file content through the production lifecycle from asset acquisition, post-production on through to approval and distribution.

To review product details, download the Iris software or Iris Appliance datasheet.


Play and ensure quality of  any media file format and frame sequences including IMF Packages, DPX, TIF, EXR, Digital Cinema Packages (DCP) and Encrypted DCP with the most accurate player on the market.


Easily build asset metadata templates and ensure instantaneous comparison of incoming file metadata to a predefined “golden” template. Plus all the tools you need ensure quality for audio and video including audio level meters, captions and subtitle viewer(s) and frame based text or drawing annotations.


Iris lets you work the way you want. Dock the features you use most to work more efficiently and collaborate across projects with multiple internal and external stakeholders with frame level annotations.

GrayMeta Iris Pricing

Iris is a studio grade media player and quality control solution

Iris 4K

$599per Year

Iris IMF

$999per Year

Iris QC Pro

$2,999per Year
  • Play, review and accurately identify media errors with tools designed for quality control professionals.
  • Supports most formats including IMF, DCP and Encrypted DCP.
  • To experience Iris QC Pro, Download a free trial today.

Iris QC Pro

$4,494per Year

Iris Appliance

  • Three unique options of specially tuned hardware to meet the challenges of professional formats, including 4K/HDR, IMF Packages, DCP and encrypted DCP.

Upgrade your existing Iris QC Pro license to DHQC for $1,495 per year. Contact us

Please inquire for monthly pricing. Volume discounts available.

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  • Player Tools0
  • Playlist & Status Panel0
  • Timecode Display & HDMI Out
  • Metadata Display0
  • Metadata Template Matching0
  • Import Error Report File*0
  • HDR Metadata0
  • Video Tools0
  • Video Scaling0
  • Built-in Test Patterns0
  • Frame Sequences0
  • Video Waveform Monitor0
  • Vectorscope0
  • Spectrascope™0
  • Advanced Test Patterns0
  • Dolby Vision™0
  • HDR 100
  • HLG Emulation0
  • Audio Tools
  • Audio Router & Meter0
  • Play Related Audio Files0
  • Loudness Monitor (CALM Act)
  • Audio Phase Meter0
  • Audio Waveform Display0
  • Dolby Atmos®0
  • Caption Viewer0
  • Live Embedded Captions/Sub-Titles0
  • Pre-Processed Captions/Sidecar Files0
  • View Multiple Captions Simultaneously0
  • Project Tools0
  • Annotations and Message Board
  • Photon IMF Validation0
  • Hardware Support0
  • SDI Out - BLUEFISH, AJA and BlackMagic 0
  • Sony 9-pin RS422 Remote Control Support0
  • AJA Kona 4, BlackMagic and BlueFish HDR0
  • HDR switching direct from PC
  • Iris 4K/HDR
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  • Iris IMF
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  • Iris QC Pro
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  • Iris QC Pro
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Iris can be deployed several ways – License a specific machine or license a number of concurrent seats (w/ Iris Communications Server).
Call (855) 202-2270 to get started.

*Decoding IMF can be very CPU intensive (e.g JPEG2000 files) and may require very robust hardware.


Loudness Monitor

Actively monitor loudness and automate CALM Act compliance, as well as other regulatory compliance with the audio loudness monitor.

Metadata Templates

Leverage Asset Metadata Templates and instantly compare metadata to a stored template or create a custom template.

Customize Iris Panels

Keyboard shortcuts and customizable configurations increase user efficiency while streamlining workflows.


Collaborate with team members with the Message Board – where general chat  contains a log of events performed by each user.


The  “Digital Grease Pencil” enables easy markup where annotation can be made to a video frame with multiple shapes and text.

Captions and Subtitles

Extract ‘live’ captions in real time from the video source file as well as to ‘pre-process’ files prior to playback – displaying dialogue in the Caption Viewer.

Quick Validation

The Photon validation tool streamlines quality control workflows while validating delivery specifications.

Hardware Support

Take advantage of powerful intergration and professional connectivity with support for AJA KONA 4 SDI and BlackMagic 12G 4K Extreme.

The Player

Media files, particularly 4K files, require significant computing power to play accurately and media players take actions to display smooth playback – including dropping frames and reducing fidelity to minimize the necessary computing resources.

That’s perfectly acceptable for general consumption, as most consumers will not take notice. If smooth playback is all you require, then there are a number player solutions including free options that might work for you.

However, many media professionals need to view files accurately – as they are truly encoded/mastered and without the software optimization techniques which create an inaccurate display of mastered media. 

With Iris – media professionals rely on true, accurate and unaltered playback!

Many components in hardware configurations will impact playback experience, that’s why many media professionals leverage Iris pre-loaded on hardware that is tuned to play these files optimally. For additional codec information, click here.