GrayMeta Iris

The go-to studio grade media player and quality control solution

Iris enables media professionals to quickly and accurately collaborate and deliver ALL forms of professional file content through the production lifecycle from asset acquisition, post-production on through to approval and distribution.

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Play and ensure quality of  any media file format and frame sequences including IMF Packages, DPX, TIF, EXR, Digital Cinema Packages (DCP) and Encrypted DCP with the most accurate player on the market.


Easily build asset metadata templates and ensure instantaneous comparison of incoming file metadata to a predefined “golden” template. Plus all the tools you need ensure quality for audio and video including audio level meters, captions and subtitle viewer(s) and frame based text or drawing annotations.


Iris lets you work the way you want. Dock the features you use most to work more efficiently and collaborate across projects with multiple internal and external stakeholders with frame level annotations.

GrayMeta Iris Pricing

Iris is a studio grade media player and quality control solution

Iris 4K / HDR



Play and review frame accurate asset data of 4K / HDR content.

Supports most formats including
4K / HDR.

Download a free trial to experience Iris 4K/HDR.

Iris IMF



Play IMF content with tools designed to verify files and deliver accurate IMF packages to desired specifications.*

Supports most formats including
IMF Packages.

Download a free trial to experience Iris IMF.

Iris QC Pro



Play, review and accurately identify media errors with tools designed for quality control professionals.

Supports most formats including
IMF, DCP and Encrypted DCP.

To experience Iris QC Pro, Download a free trial today.

Iris Appliance


(855) 202-2270
Three unique options of specially tuned hardware to meet the challenges of professional formats, including 4K / HDR, IMF Packages, DCP and encrypted DCP.

Iris can be deployed several ways  – License a specific machine or license a number of concurrent seats (w/ Iris Communications Server).

Call for monthly or perpetual licensing options – (855) 202-2270

*Decoding IMF can be very CPU intensive (e.g JPEG2000 files) and may require very robust hardware.

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The Player

Media files – particularly 4K HD files – require a lot of computing power to play accurately.  Because of this, media players take actions to smooth out playback such as dropping frames or reducing fidelity to minimize the required computing resources.

Thats perfectly acceptable for general consumption as most consumers will not take notice. If smooth playback is all you require then there there are a number player solutions including free options that might work for you.

However, many media professionals need to accurately view the files as they are truly encoded/mastered and without the software viewing optimization techniques which will not apply to the ultimate consumer.  And true, accurate playback is exactly what the Iris software does!

There are a number of components in your hardware configuration that could impact your playback experience. Many media pros opt to leverage Iris pre-loaded on hardware that is tuned to optimally play these files. For additional codec information, click here.

Product Tour

1. Player Controls

Playlists – Build a list of any media type including 4K HDP or DCP and apply mark in/out, scaling and volume settings to each file.

HDR simulation – Conversion displays what the content would look like on a HDR monitor without an HDR monitor!

Horizontal Progress and Seek Bar – Play head indicates the current position of the playback and allows the user to randomly seek to any position of the video.

Time Display – Change display to ‘tape time code, control time code, time position, frame.’

Search and Jump to the desired play position.

View Status – A clear panel displays CPU load, media format, bit rate, errors, SDI status and more.

Audio Control – Includes level adjustments and mute and un-mute.

2. Captions and Subtitles

Captions and subtitle viewers with location grid and safe area overlays whether to extract ‘live’ captions in real time from the video source file as well as to ‘pre-process’ the files prior to playback so that the dialogue appears in the Caption Viewer.

3. Metadata

Leverage Asset Metadata Templates – Instantly compare video file metadata to a stored template or create a custom template to be used when needed.

4. Customized User Interface

Dock – The tool layout for quick access to the most used features.

Customize – Keyboard shortcuts to increase user efficiency with the software and annotation markers to for clear communication of findings.

5. Collaboration

Share – Project annotations and notes in real-time, with links to the annotation and location. Generate and output any actions required by the file evaluation.

Message Board – Is a general chat window that is applicable to the Iris solution that contains a log of events performed by each user.

6. Annotation

Robust Tools – Such as the “Digital Grease Pencil” on-image markup allows user to annotate a video frame with objects such as rectangles, ellipses, lines, arrows and text, list box, and styles from the respective drop down list boxes.

7. Advanced Tools

Vectorscope and Spectrascope – For the first time ever, fully visualize every pixel of video on a color gamut graph with profiles for the most common color space specifications including HDR and UHD Rec.2020 or BT.2020, immediately identifying illegal pixels.

Wave form monitor – Provides a convenient way to visualize the video across the width of the screen with each line overlaid on top of each other over the time period of one frame.

Audio Phase Meter – Shows the phase relationship between any two audio channels.

Audio Level Meter – Represents to audio levels of the corresponding output channel.

HDTV Advanced Test Suite – Dynamic, static, matrix, 8, 10 and 12 bit test patterns designed specially for advanced testing of encoding, geometry, gamuts, standards conversion and audio sync. SD/HD/2K/UHD/4K.

Use Cases

Speed, accuracy, cost and space are on the critical-path in every project’s timeline. Dedicated bays used by editors, colorists and audio mix-masters are expensive and scarce.

The GrayMeta Iris solution enables your team of quality control technicians, caption/title checkers, developers, executives, creatives, researchers and customer support staff can see and hear 4k 60p production, post-production and mastering work-in-progress from a windows based device and standard monitors freeing up resources for revenue generating activities.

Automated quality control solutions will never replace the human element. Errors resulting in rework cost you time that could used on your future project.

The GrayMeta Iris solution helps to eliminate errors that cost you time in reworking files. Quickly diagnose human and machine errors for editing, rendering and transcoding by confirming compliance and illustrating problems with the output delivered within the context of your workflow.

Formats, standards and displays are constantly evolving.

The GrayMeta Iris platform has a flexible architecture to quickly adapt to changes in the ecosystem and has put the tools engineers need directly in the player itself. With Iris, you will have the confidence that you are viewing accurately from any source to any device.

Features include:

  • Desktop waveform and vectorscope
  • Metadata visibility for deep reading, export or comparison against templates
  • Save instant setups for all SDI types, TVs, desktops and projectors
  • Discover discrepancies in digital or audio assets with Advanced Test Suite patterns
  • Fit odd frame sizes into SDI
  • Remap audio with internal router, dBFS meters and channel mutes
  • Tune displays and systems with basic patterns included in every player
Given the proliferation of formats, technology obsolescence, and tight budgets, archivists have a huge responsibility and rely on fast and accurate access to masters.

Iris is a single player that supports all master and distribution formats that provides a simple, easy-to-use player for confirming assets are accurate copies of the original masters – including internal metadata consistency.

Multiple formats are in used in today’s media ecosystem.

Iris assures consistency and quality across file formats and distribution channels.

Iris is a solution that allows everyone in the distribution workflow from audio/video quality control to the executive offices leverage one single precision player to play all file types whether it’s a 4K theatrical or smartphone.

File based workflow is great but the traditional videotape player had its advantages especially for broadcasters. With videotape at end of life, broadcaster’s need to be assured of the quality of the files it transmits.

Including Iris quality review to your workflow saves time in encoding/transcoding, audio synchronization, SDI scaling from any frame size to SDI sizes, caption/subtitle viewing and editing, waveform and vectorscope all on the desktop

Creative video is hard to make, but should be easy to play.

Complementing Iris within your current workflow makes RGB conversion, interlacing artifacts and audio sync easy for Ultra High Definition, 4K and any other professional format.