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Reach a whole new level of quality control.







Quality Control

Get true, accurate playback of encoded and mastered content from your desktop. Use Iris to collaborate and deliver all forms of professional file content through the production life cycle. You’ll make the whole process quick and easy — from asset acquisition all the way to approval and distribution.

See how it’s designed with you in mind.


Process any media file format and frame sequences including IMF Packages, DPX, TIF, EXR, DCP and Encrypted DCP with the most accurate player on the market.


All the tools you need ensure quality for audio and video including audio level meters, captions and subtitle viewer(s) and frame based text or drawing annotations.


Work the way you want. Dock the features you use most to work more efficiently. Collaborate across projects with multiple stakeholders at frame level annotations.

Get a pixel-perfect 4K player

Count on frame-accurate precision when you view, inspect and verify your media files. With Iris, you’ll get true playback without dropped frames or altered color space. What you see is what you get.

Deliver flawless IMF/IMP

The Photon validation tool in Iris IMF and Iris QC Pro streamlines workflows to ensure specifications are correct to ensure an in-spec IMF/IMP

Creating better, together

Improve workflows with Iris collaboration tools. Add comments, share messages and make graphical annotations to frames. Import automated QC reports including Venera, Vidchecker, Baton and more. Group media and files into projects then share in real time with collaborators. And with instance sync, you can setup view and control playback from any location – worldwide.

Advanced audio tools

Convenient ways to visualize and QC audio, including Wave Form Monitor, Audio Phase and Level meters with 16-channel support and an Audio Mixer. The Loudness monitor allows complete visibility of loudness for the entire asset so you can quickly analyze and ensure compliance to CALM Act standards of loudness limits.

There’s a version that’s perfect for you.

Iris delivers all the collaboration and workflow tools you need. Just pick the version that’s the best fit for you and your team.

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Iris 4K

$599per Year
  • Play and review frame accurate asset data of 4K/HDR content.

Iris IMF

$999per Year
  • Play IMF content with tools designed to verify files and deliver accurate IMF packages to specification.

Iris QC Pro

$2,999per Year
  • Play, review and accurately identify media errors with tools designed for quality control professionals.

Iris Appliance

  • Three unique options of specially tuned hardware to meet the challenges of professional formats, including 4K/HDR, IMF Packages, DCP and encrypted DCP.

Monthly, perpetual and volume discounts available.

Do more and deliver more with an Iris Appliance package.

Combine powerful computing hardware with the full set of Iris QC Pro tools.

Get the ultimate 4K reference appliance for reviewing master video and audio content.

Pick up a full system for all 2K formats and many compressed 4K formats.

Gain a complete system for all common broadcast HD formats.

QC Collaboration – Anytime, Anywhere

Iris Admin Solutions, available with all versions of Iris software, provides your team with the extra tools needed for collaboration, management of licenses, and workflow integration. Designed for remote QC teams working together on projects, enterprise post-production departments with many users, and teams who need the flexibility to share licenses, Iris Admin Solutions enables you to deliver content more efficiently and hassle-free.

Import automated QC reports and simplify collaboration, regardless of your location.

Easily manage licenses, users, and access from a single user-friendly interface.

Seamlessly incorporate Iris into your existing workflows with our RESTFUL API.

Interested in adding Iris Admin Solutions to your workflow?